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Madison Multifunction Copier

3 Considerations for a HIPAA Compliant Madison Multifunction Copier


In Health care practices, following regulations for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to adhere to patient privacy is a critical aspect of everyday work. As security risks have grown around personal information, ensuring that your office machines, networks, and devices are all HIPAA compliant has become more of an urgent issue.

3 Ways Your Printer Protects You From Data Loss

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We think about hacks in many ways, mostly as coding behind the scenes. The reality is different though - many data breaches are actually from paper left on the printer or unsecured print networks.

It's not even an outsider that can attack your company; it's trusted internal employees with the company's best interest in mind that forget documents or misplace them. This happens at all levels, from confidential government materials to your business plans.

Madison Multifunction Copiers: An Option for Any Size Business

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If you're starting a small business or growing your large company, you need a multifunction copier. A local dealer can help you identify a Madison multifunction copier that addresses all your needs.

Why do you need this all in one machine? Multifunction copiers will save on space, cost, and supplies. You can print, copy, scan, email, and fax from one place. It's everything your business needs. So how do you invest?

Set Up Your Small Business: 5 Ways to Get Started

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Starting your business is full of excitement and some apprehension. How do you know what to do? Where do you begin? We've asked these questions ourselves, and helped with many new business owners, so here is a short guide to get you going.

Congratulations on Your Business

First of all, way to go! You're following your dream and on your way to a new venture.

Finding the Best Madison Multifunction Copier

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It's time for a new multifunction copier at your business. Whether you had multiple machine failures, you're just starting out, or it's just time for an update, we can help you optimize your investment and increase business efficiency and employee productivity.

You need a machine that will answer current demands but also has the capacity for company growth. Is that a big ask? We don't think so.

Your Madison multifunction copier needs to fit your business, secure your data, and optimize employee performance.

Maintain Your Madison Multifunction Copier

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To some extent, you can manage the maintenance of your multifunction copier without calling in a service specialist.

By knowing the basics about repair, you may save time and money by preventing larger issues that could have been fixed when they were small.

Two Tax Changes You Don't Want to Miss

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The new tax law offered some great benefits to businesses of all sizes, but small to medium-sized companies will want to do a little research to ensure they are capitalizing on all the updates that apply.

Two clear benefits are outlined below, as they pertain to equipment depreciation. Don't miss an opportunity for a better deal on your taxes!

Wisconsin Businesses Can Benefit

Your business can stand to benefit from two essential tax changes that relate to office equipment.

Secure Your Business with the Right Multifunction Copier

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Security is not a topic that is taken lightly in today’s workplace, and your multifunction device has a more substantial impact on privacy than you might expect.

A few common security risks in the workplace include leaving printed materials on the device, unsecured printing, stored data, and insufficient security backups.

Three Insider's Tips for Upgrading Your Office

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Taking the time to research, discuss, evaluate, and purchase high quality office products is a primary way to make efficiency a priority at your office.

1. Invest in Good, High-Quality Office Equipment

If you have worked with separate machines for a long time, it may be a good idea to switch to a multifunction copier.

How to Find the Right Multifunction Copier for Your Madison Business

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Multifunction copiers are the do-it-all machine for today's office. They can print, copy, scan, email, and fax documents, making employees more productive and saving the office time and resources.

How do you invest in the right machine for your company? It takes some close attention to top concerns, and a little data to outline your specific priorities.

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