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Rules-Based Printing

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Better Manage Your Print Environment – Rules-Based Printing

Xerox, Canon, Savin, Samsung, and Lexmark are some the leading manufacturers in the industry. These companies use the most advanced technology to enhance the printing process. You can utilize their processes, laser printers and copiers to better manage the print environment in your Madison Wisconsin office. The ultimate goal here is to save time, resources, and materials. Rules-based printing can significantly benefit your business by lowering print spending. You will also be able to reduce overall waste related to these activities. According to, the U.S. is responsible for consuming 30% of the world’s consumption of paper products. Much of these products are used in the office setting with copiers and printers. Finding proven methods that reduce costs and waste can enhance your business and reduce environmental impact.

How Many Print Jobs Daily?

Print jobs certainly can add up when you have a lot of employees. The average office worker is responsible for printing approximately 10,000 sheets of paper each year. Multiplying these costs by the number of office workers may result in a large expense. Rules-based printing provides you with information related to how many print jobs are being performed daily and allows you to use your copiers and laser printers most efficiently.

How Much Material Discarded?

Studies have shown that most materials are discarded within 48 hours of being printed. The waste associated with these activities involves these items:

Businesses can use rules-based printing to better manage print activities, resulting in the ability to reduce waste of expensive materials. Strategically routing print jobs to the Xerox copiers and laser printers that will complete them most efficiently, saves time, money, and resources. Managed print services provide businesses with the insight to print activities and spending while document management helps streamline the process. It is possible to reduce print costs and to limit the jobs that are done daily. This will provide more resources for your business and other opportunities to invest. How can rules-based printing benefit your business? Contact Corporate Business Systems to learn more.