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Document Routing

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Document Routing – Document Management Solutions for Monitoring and Storing

Whether you are running a restaurant or an accounting firm in Madison Wisconsin, you need to store documents related to specific customer or vendor accounts. It is also necessary to store your own operational data securely. Accessing documents from the office environment is typically pretty simple. When you are away from the office, however, this process can become more challenging. Document routing is a way to ensure you are in constant contact with necessary materials. Companies offering document management services present businesses with modern methods for storage, access, and routing. You can route documents to specific locations electronically through your Xerox copiers and multifunction laser printers. This is also a way to monitor documents. Limiting access to sensitive information is important to your business. Being able to route documents securely is a good way to provide your clients with protection.

Route and Organize Documents

Document routing is not only a benefit when you are traveling for business, but interoffice functions are also enhanced with routing systems. The benefit of having all documents and materials stored in an organized manner encourages productivity. Retrieving specific documents from your Xerox multifunction printers and copiers is simple through routing services. Benefits include:

  •  Search Using Keywords
  •  Archive Documents
  •  Index with Search Terms
  •  Route Securely

Travel and Access Files

Businesses in the sales industry often require travel. Just because you are away from the office does not mean that you have to be without important documents. Document routing is the perfect answer to this scenario. While you are traveling, you will be able to work on documents, edit them, or even create and store them. Limited access to files will help you to keep them secure as you travel. According to IDC Research, companies spend between $2.5 and $3.5 million annually searching for and re-creating lost documents. When documents are stored electronically, they are easier to access. This type of solution saves both time and money when it comes to storage, taking the worry out of storing and accessing documents. Do you have problems accessing files when you travel? Contact Corporate Business Systems about routing benefits.

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