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Managed Print Services - A Value Added

Wisconsin managed print services

Any business with managed print services will agree it's a value-add agreement.

Why? Because managed print takes the tedious, annoying, and time-consuming tasks out of your office environment and ensures they are completed efficiently by professionals.

Your print environment should not take up an excessive amount of time, money, or concern for your business. If it does, you need to invest in managed print services.

Two Tax Changes You Don't Want to Miss

Madison multifunction copier

The new tax law offered some great benefits to businesses of all sizes, but small to medium-sized companies will want to do a little research to ensure they are capitalizing on all the updates that apply.

Two clear benefits are outlined below, as they pertain to equipment depreciation. Don't miss an opportunity for a better deal on your taxes!

Wisconsin Businesses Can Benefit

Your business can stand to benefit from two essential tax changes that relate to office equipment.

4 Ways Document Management Benefits Your Wisconsin Business

Madison document management benefits

What is your top business priority? Is it organization, efficiency, or ultimate productivity?

Document management is the answer to sticking with these priorities while ensuring your business is on track for future growth.

Document Management Benefits

1. Quick Retrieval

Statistics show that employees can spend 20% of their day searching for documents or files, and half of those searches are fruitless. That means that at least 10% of each day could be wasted.

How Scanning Can Boost Your Business

Xerox Wisconsin

With technology continually leaping ahead, it seems impossible to stay up to date, let alone figure out every new advancement that you hear about.

But the reality is that not every new invention is applicable or helpful for your business. Sometimes, it's better to stick with the time-tested solutions that have always worked for you, and just stay updated with new features.

What Can Managed Print Services Do for Your Business?

Wisconsin managed print services

Wisconsin managed print services can have a significant positive impact on your business, but you want to get the best product that matches your business workflow.

Managed Print Solutions

Managed print services will set your office up for success by locating devices in the correct spot based on efficiency, economy, print volume, and users.

Secure Your Business with the Right Multifunction Copier

Madison multifunction copier

Security is not a topic that is taken lightly in today’s workplace, and your multifunction device has a more substantial impact on privacy than you might expect.

A few common security risks in the workplace include leaving printed materials on the device, unsecured printing, stored data, and insufficient security backups.

Save Hours Every Week with Document Management

Document Management Wisconsin

We hear you, skeptics. How can document management save hours every week?

Here are a few stats:

  • Employees spend 30% of company time searching for hard copy documents
  • Almost 50% of an employee's workload involves preparing and creating documents
  • Most employees operate electronically to review, edit, and collaborate on projects
  • Email attachments make up at least 6-10 emails per day

It's apparent how much time it can consume to manage hard copy documents all day.

Xerox Print Solutions Guidebook: Buy or Lease?

Xerox Madison

When you’re looking for new office laser printers or copiers, the big question may arise: do you buy or lease? It depends on what your business priorities, needs, and concerns are at this point.

Below, we break down the pros and cons of buying and leasing, which will provide a basic framework for decision making. Evaluate the issues and benefits we introduce to see which you can live with – and what you can’t live without.

5 Print Security Concerns Every Business Should Recognize

Wisconsin managed print services

Printers are a hot spot for security risks and data breaches, but many organizations overlook possible issues. Stay on top of print security with awareness of some critical habits and regulations in your office.

Things to Keep an Eye Out For

1. Documents Left on the Printer

The habit of leaving extra handouts or other resources on the printer can also include confidential papers or information. Ensure that employees know the risks, and nip this problem early.

8 Reasons to Update Old Office Equipment

Office Equipment

It's on your mind - time for an upgrade for your copier to a multifunction copier. Many people wait too long to buy new equipment and end up costing their business more in wasted resources on old machines. Make a move today!

Why Update?

1. Costly Repairs

When repairs are repetitive and expensive, or parts aren't even easily available, it's time to move on.

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