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Three Insider's Tips for Upgrading Your Office

Madison multifunction copier

Taking the time to research, discuss, evaluate, and purchase high quality office products is a primary way to make efficiency a priority at your office.

1. Invest in Good, High-Quality Office Equipment

If you have worked with separate machines for a long time, it may be a good idea to switch to a multifunction copier.

Top 3 Document Management Benefits for Your Madison Business

Madison document management benefits

Document management is one of the most effective changes in the modern office. Even if you think you're not familiar with it, you probably are - electronic documents and signatures, online cloud storage and backup, are just some of the benefits of document management. Here are the top three benefits of document management, as selected by customers, and the reasons why.

4 Solutions to Printing Costs Courtesy of Xerox

Xerox Wisconsin

Your printer might be sending business costs through the roof, and you may not realize it. Take a minute to evaluate the cost efficiency of your printer and see if it may be time to make a switch to a more productive machine to save money.

1. Audit Printing

Evaluate which departments print, and at what volumes and resolution. Is marketing consistently printing too many flyers? Does someone in leadership print every email? Is HR still printing applications? Crackdown on these misuses of printing resources fast.

How Managed Print Services Simplify Workflow

Wisconsin managed print services

Does your business capitalize on modern technology to best serve customers? Have you considered the benefits of new services that may ease overloading and streamline processes?

One especially helpful service is managed print, which operates print supply, production, service, and connectivity. Managed print can assist by reducing your workload and therefore will increase your business capacity.

How to Find the Right Multifunction Copier for Your Madison Business

Madison multifunction copier

Multifunction copiers are the do-it-all machine for today's office. They can print, copy, scan, email, and fax documents, making employees more productive and saving the office time and resources.

How do you invest in the right machine for your company? It takes some close attention to top concerns, and a little data to outline your specific priorities.

Document Management Prepares Your Madison Business for Anything

Madison document management benefits

Operating a small or medium-sized business is stressful any way you look at it. From human resources to business growth, expanding to conserving budgets, you need to stay on top of everything, and it's a challenge. One thing you don't want to worry about is the potential to lose it all due to a natural or human-caused disaster that could destroy your business.

4 Ways Xerox Copiers Make Life Easier

Xerox Wisconsin

We need copiers at the office - you go to your machine multiple times a day to make copies. However, sometimes the real benefits can be overlooked. Copiers have strategic use in office communication, and that can translate to projects you work on in daily life as well.

3 Ways Wisconsin Managed Print Services Will Set You Apart

Wisconsin managed print services

Many business managers overlook printing as an essential office expense. While this is true to some extent, it doesn’t have to cost as much as some companies report – up to 3% of annual revenue. Printing should not be a substantial percentage of yearly income if you prioritize finding the most efficient solutions for your office.

5 Signs Your Madison Business Needs a Multifunction Copier

Madison multifunction copier

Everyone who uses office equipment – which includes almost all employees in your business – know that there are challenges that are part of working in an office, and then there are avoidable issues. The best managers address problems as they arise, so your workforce doesn’t get overly frustrated.

4 Essential Document Management Benefits for Your Wisconsin Business

Madison document management benefits

One significant workflow interruption in the office is moving paper around. You’re actively working, and then you have to get up to find an article from a file, run a document, search for something, print a resource for the project. Once you’re interrupted, it takes about 10 minutes to get back into the same workflow you were in before. Sound familiar?

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