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Managed Print Services is the Green Solution

Managed Print Services

Many companies choose to outsource their print management to experts, citing saved money and enhanced productivity. But reducing costs isn't the only reason to switch to managed print services; there is another even more significant reason. Every year, businesses in the United States use and throw away enough paper to build a 10-foot-high wall that would reach from Tokyo to New York.

Three Ways a Wide Format Printer Benefits You

Wide Format Printers

There are numerous advantages to doing print jobs in-house that you may be currently outsourcing. From the affordability to turnaround time, in-house printing makes more sense for most businesses. But what about those posters, presentations, and other large color prints? Can these print jobs be done in-house at a cost saving?

Upgrade Your Office with a Multifunction Printer

Multifunctional Printers

Printing is a fact of life in the office. Printers, scanners, fax machines, and copiers clutter desks, line office walls and create roadblocks in hallways. But all of this is necessary because the functionality of these machines is a cornerstone of the way companies do business. Right?

The History of Printing: Conclusion

Laser Printers

Note: This is the final post in a four-part series discussing the history of printing. Read Part I, Part II, and Part III to catch up.

The History of Printing: Part III

Printing History

Note: This is the third post in a four-part series discussing the history of printing. Check back here for the final installment! Read Part I and Part II to catch up.

The History of Printing: Part II

Printing History

Note: This is the second post in a four-part series discussing the history of printing. Check back here for the next installments! Read Part I here.

Gutenberg's press changed the landscape of Europe, and the printed word became a part of history forever. However, printing was still incredibly slow and expensive. Even though books were now more widely available because of Gutenberg's press, the paper used was highly costly, and the process was inefficient. Luckily, printing was nowhere near done advancing technologically.

Lithography Printing

In 1798, Alois Senefelder developed lithography printing. Lithography works by using grease and ink on the printing plate (originally a limestone). When the plate is dampened with water and the lithography ink is applied, the ink coheres to the greased parts of the plate (the letters or images) and the water repels it from other areas. When paper is pressed down onto the surface, it creates a mirror image of the printing plate.

The History of Printing: Part I

Printing History

Note: This is the first in a series discussing the history of printing. Check back here for the next installments!

What do Shakespeare's plays and Franklin Delano Roosevelt's "Fireside Chats" have in common? They were both among the first publications using new technology, and they both had a profound impact on their time and history. Shakespeare changed drama, and F.D.R. impacted how presidents would address the public. Both of these collections of works represent how powerful new communication technology can be, and how much the mode

rn world has come to rely on our communication tools.

Before Shakespeare could become the most famous English playwright or F.D.R. could broadcast into the living rooms of millions of Americans, an important communication technology had to be invented: printing. Printing was a first step in a long line of rapid communication advancements in human history and led to many dramatic changes in society.

How a Multifunctional Printer Can Benefit You

Multifunctional Printers

Many offices are cluttered with laser printers, scanners, fax machines, and copiers, and many of these machines are expensive to operate and maintain. The inefficiencies of this traditional printer fleet model add up to a significant cost that is sometimes unnoticed in a company's budget. Multifunctional printers are the answer to reducing these hidden costs.

There are many benefits to a multifunctional printer (MFP), but there are three that are key. MFPs reduce waste, save money, and are easy to operate.

Enhance Your Printing With Wide Format Printers

Wide Format Printers

More and more often these days, businesses are turning to wide format printers for their many purposes. The added width allows for great color graphics on posters or sales tools. Created specifically with graphics in mind, these printers can reduce the number of printing jobs that must be outsourced. There are important benefits to using this machine including images with sharp details and a polished finish. Another great benefit is the clear difference between graphics and text. This machine handles both equally well.

The Benefits of Document Management

Document Management

Document Management in Madison Wisconsin

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