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Organize Your Office With Document Management

Madison Document Management Benefits

How would you describe the workflows in your Madison office? Are your processes and files fairly organized, or are stress and chaos the order of the day?

If you've given up and decided that organization is an elusive goal you'll never achieve, take heart. A solution is just ahead.

Identify the Source of Your Problem

If you need something to blame for your situation, take your frustration out on last century's paper filing cabinet. Here's why it's at the heart of the problem:

Transform Your Workflows with the Xerox WorkCentre 7800i MFP

Xerox Wisconsin

If you're like most companies, your Wisconsin office is always on the lookout for new ways to automate workflows and share information. Xerox provides a solution with its innovative WorkCentre 7800i Series Color Multifunction Printer.

Read on to discover how Xerox can help your Wisconsin business have more time to meet your goals.

Let Managed Print Help Secure Your Network

Wisconsin Managed Print Services

Your printers are a valuable component of your workflows, helping improve productivity and increase efficiency across your Wisconsin organization. But did you know they are also a source of possible security vulnerabilities?

Without the proper protections in place, along with a healthy dose of awareness, your printers can become a portal for hackers to take down your networks—and possibly even your entire company.

Meet Your Productivity Goals With a Multifunction Copier

Madison Multifunction Copier

Almost every small to medium business appreciates new ways to increase productivity and reduce costs. If your Madison company is like most, any chance to maximize efficiency is more than welcome.

Adding a multifunction copier to your technology line-up is a proven method for gaining productivity improvements across your organization.

Take a look at the advantages we list below to see if your Madison company would benefit.

Improve I-9 Compliance with Document Management

Madison Document Management Benefits

Aside from benefits like cost savings, disaster recovery, and increased productivity, Document Management is a proven method for delivering improved I-9 compliance. If immigration compliance is a part of your Madison organization's environment, read on to discover how Document Management can help streamline the entire process.

Have You Ever Heard of Toner Pirates?

Xerox Wisconsin

Let's play a little game called "Have You Ever...?". Have you ever been approached by a company online or over the phone offering you crazy good deals on toner? They might act a little pushy, but the deal is honestly tempting. They start right into their pitch, obviously knowing what they're doing, and they explain how you're paying more than you need to on toner when you should be using refurbished toners from them at a much lower cost than brand name toners. This all sounds pretty good, right? But maybe just a little sketchy.

Managed Print has IT Benefits

Wisconsin Managed Print Services

Managed print services are full of benefits for businesses from small, mid-sized and large. It helps put control back into the hands of budget makers, removes the unknown, boosts security and improves productivity. You've likely read one or two articles explaining just that, but did you know that while managed print services benefit your budget, your office, and the environment, they also help out your IT department?

What to Expect From a Multifunction Device

Madison Multifunction Copier

When purchasing a multifunction printer, you need to consider a few different aspects of the decision; what you need, what you can afford, what's available to you, and what others have thought of the model you are considering for purchase. Taking each of these things into consideration will save you a lot of headache down the road. You'll be able to pick a multifunctional device that suits you and your office perfectly.

3 Ways Document Management Improves Collaboration

Madison Document Management Benefits

When was the last time a version control issue caused a problem with a project for your Madison organization? Last month? Last week? How about today? The fact is, if more than one version or step is a part of the process, errors are bound to happen. And if by some stroke of luck, you manage to avoid outright mistakes, the truth is that the entire process could have taken much less time than it did. Read on to discover the benefits of Document Management, and how it can help your Madison business improve daily processes.

Take Mobility to New Levels with the Xerox Mobile Scanner

Xerox Wisconsin

Today, the way your Wisconsin organization conducts business looks completely different than it did even just ten years ago. Your mobile devices have had a lot to do with that. Your Wisconsin offices no longer have true walls, and your workers aren't tethered to their computers by power cords.

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