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Your Xerox Wisconsin Machine Does More Than You Know

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You use your MFP for a lot of things, but do you take full advantage of the capabilities of your MFP? Multifunction printers have a high capacity that might boost your business even more than just using fast, functional print, copy, scan, email, fax operations.

Deep Dive - What a Xerox Can do

You use your multifunction copier every day for many different functions. But, there's more that you can do and take advantage of to make sure you're giving your business the boost you need, finding the most efficient use for your MFP, and getting the best return on your investment.

We’re here with a deep dive into the Xerox to let you know there’s even more you can do.

  • Workstation operations – invest in multiple operations at a time, such as selecting a new document to print after you’ve completed a job.

  • Scan to email and cloud storage – instead of faxing, try scan to email or scan to cloud storage. It is SO much easier.

  • Print black and white or color – don’t waste money on unnecessary color printing when you can select black and white.

  • Badge swipe, password, or pin security – enhance office security with printer security.

  • Energy efficiency – your machine doesn’t always need to operate on high use mode. Lower the energy use to keep power costs down.

  • Track costs – track who prints what, so you can see what might be unnecessary, and reduce print waste.

  • Print from anywhere – mobile access is anywhere access. Get what you need before you even need it.

Use it all with Your Corporate Business Systems Team

Work with your vendor team at Corporate Business Systems to learn about using all the features and making the most of your investment. Call today with questions.

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