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Are your Madison Multifunction Printers compliant with HIPAA standards?

hippa regulations

For healthcare organizations, hospitals, and medical offices, HIPAA compliance comes in many forms, not just controlling physical access to patient data. Office technology, including computers, multifunction printers, and all networked devices must also be compliant. 

HIPAA violations can damage lives, tarnish reputations, and lead to hefty fines. Here are some essential tips to help ensure that your Madison multifunction printer is secure and compliant. 

Secure Print Option

It happens all the time — you print a document and forget to retrieve it from the multifunction copier. While it may not seem like that big of a deal, it could be a major security risk. If this document happens to contain private information and is left where many people can see it. A secure print feature lets you send a print job but hold it until you enter a unique code to release the document. This way, only you can see what you printed with your unique code.


Today’s MFPs function more like computers than copiers, storing documents and data on a hard drive. To protect your information and remain compliant, all confidential info on your Madison multifunction printer should be encrypted using SSL encryption and deleted periodically.

Always remember, when you are done with your device, be sure to remove and destroy the hard drive so that no personal data is left behind. If not, you could be liable for any info left on the hard drive.

Updates and Maintenance

Regular maintenance, as well as software and hardware updates, can protect you by certifying that your Madison multifunction printers are up-to-date with the latest security patches and features.

If you have any questions about device security or HIPAA compliance for your Madison multifunction printer, we are the go-to source. Contact us for answers.

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