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Xerox Print Solutions Guidebook: Buy or Lease?

Xerox Madison

When you’re looking for new office laser printers or copiers, the big question may arise: do you buy or lease? It depends on what your business priorities, needs, and concerns are at this point.

Below, we break down the pros and cons of buying and leasing, which will provide a basic framework for decision making. Evaluate the issues and benefits we introduce to see which you can live with – and what you can’t live without.

Pros and Cons of Leasing


Pros: Terms of a lease can provide features that you need: regular service updates, reevaluation of printing needs, and a period that works for your business growth model.

Cons: Lease terms can hinder a company that may outgrow a machine quickly but can’t get out of the lease. Consider if the cost of getting out of a contract early would be worth it to you.


Pros: Not sure exactly what you need yet? Try it out! Leases are great for trying new features to see what you should (or shouldn’t) pay for.

Cons: If you agree to a lease and then the machine doesn’t meet your office needs, you can be in trouble. Ensure that you review exactly what you’re getting before you sign an agreement.

Pros and Cons of Buying


Pros: Pay upfront and never pay again, especially with a great service contract. If monthly lease payments make you want to cry, just pay once for the purchase and be done with the cost.

Cons: Service and repair still come up, even with the very best machines. Make sure you get the highest quality service agreement you can keep saving even when the device shows some wear and tear.


Pros: You get excellent service when you are a loyal customer that purchases machines for your office. This can be better than leasing – quick, reliable service you agree to.

Cons: When you purchase a device, you’re in the game until it’s time for an upgrade.

Time to Invest?

Let the professionals at Corporate Business Systems guide your purchase or lease to best fit your business. Contact Corporate Business Systems to start now.

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