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Wisconsin Managed Print Services - How to Get Started

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How do you understand the overall value of services such as managed print services? It's hard to explain the ROI for each specific business, but it's important to note that vendors can always find estimates for specific clients. That said, managed print is equally about saving time as it is saving money, so one of the values falls into how much you value your time.

Since time is the one thing that can really grow your company exponentially and it's the one resource you can't get back, it's worth figuring out the value and also adding that into the cost savings of outsourced services like managed print.

Let's break this down for a moment, though.

What is managed print services, and how does it save you money?

Managed print services are the process of outsourcing the tedious, time-consuming tasks related to print that are weighing down your team out to professionals. Your supply ordering, maintenance requests, and more will be proactively managed by your vendor partner.

Also, the cost savings comes into play with the print audit. Most MPS companies will do a print audit to examine your print spending and then create a monthly budget, print regulations, and cost guidelines for your business to stick to them every month. No more print anxiety with managed print services!

Questions about Managed Print

Before investing in the service, be sure to ask a few critical questions, some of which include:

  • How do they manage the transition?
  • How easy is it to integrate?
  • How robust are their initial print assessments?
  • What is the quality of day-to-day service?
  • What can you expect from interactions?
  • How available are they for questions?
  • Is it easy to make a change in your service?
  • How do they analyze and set your monthly print budget?
  • What is the volume of print supplies that you can decrease?
  • How do you achieve buy-in from employees?

Get Your Answers

You can contact any potential vendor partner, and all the most respected companies like Corporate Business Systems will help you out by answering these, and any other questions you may have.

Then, to really invest, you might want to contact other businesses who have invested in Wisconsin managed print services, to see what features they appreciate the most.

Wisconsin Managed Print Starts Here

Time to invest in the money and time saving practice of managed print. Give your employees more time, and more space to help build the business instead of just keeping it afloat. Invest in your Wisconsin managed print services today.

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