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Tips for Choosing a Wide Format Printer

wide format printer

Over the past few years, more and more businesses have learned that wide format printers, such as the HP PageWide, and HP A3, are affordable, easy to use, and well-worth adding to the office environment. No longer just the realm of designers or architects, these days a wide range of sectors are embracing the benefits of WFPs.

What to Look For

Sure, there are stellar options like the HP PageWide out there, but beyond brand names, how do you know where to start. Here are some top tips for narrowing your search for a wide format printer.

Color or Black and White

While the HP PageWide can print color quickly and accurately, your business might not require such an advanced model. Before you pick a WFP, assess your needs, and determine what features are a priority. Unless you need color for images or graphics, black and white wide format printers can create jobs faster than color.

Cost and Budget

It can be tempting to want all the bells and whistles but don’t sacrifice your budget unnecessarily. Cost is a legitimate concern when it comes to getting any devices, including a wide format printer. But, remember, it is also an important business investment.


Be sure to understand all of the specs of the printer you are considering. When you opt for a high-end model like the HP PageWide, its critical that you know everything you are getting and know how to use all of the options. Again, consider what you need versus want.

Quality and Speed

When it comes to a wide format printer, data is essential. What you put in affects what comes out, so be sure you are inputting high-quality information. If you need a high-res image, you need a printer that can process that information and create the appropriate printout.

Whether you opt for the HP PageWide or another wide format printer, it is essential to understand all of the functions and capabilities as well as cost before you make a long-term commitment.

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