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Streamline Your Print Environment with Managed Print

Wisconsin managed print services

If you've heard of managed print services before but haven't decided it's right for your business yet, now is the time to think again. Partnering with high-quality business solutions companies can make the setup process painless, and the benefits are endless.

What is Managed Print Services?

Managed print services are a streamlined print environment where budgets, waste, productivity, and user experience are controlled and optimized by an external company. In Wisconsin, area companies such as Corporate Business Systems offer managed print services that are specialized for your organization.

How Wisconsin Managed Print Services Help Your Business

Managed print comes in with pretty high marks for getting your business back on track to plan for printing supplies and costs proactively. Managed print offers:

  • Streamlined printing services - One phone number to call for problems, one supply ordering system, one invoice, and one driver to install on your computer.

  • Cost transparency - Most US businesses spend 1-3% of corporate revenue on printing every year. See where those dollars are adding up and fix the problem!

  • Green solutions - Print management is more sustainable, as it significantly reduces wasted paper, toner, and excess printing, helping you meet sustainability goals.

  • Confidential security measures - You can merely establish your security policies with your managed print provider, and they will confirm your printing set up and machines are safe.

  • Print audits - Determine who, which department, or what projects are using the highest volume of print resources, and decide if that is appropriate or not. Print audits are the best way to get ahead of the game and budget appropriately for printing at your business.

Why Wait?

Contact Corporate Business Systems today to learn about the steps to switch to managed print. Once you make the change, you'll wonder why you waited.

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