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Small Businesses and Smart Ways to Invest in Office Equipment

buy or lease

Small businesses need to consider the best way to invest in office equipment. It can be a challenge - what do you need now and what can wait, do you invest more money for a high quality or work your way up...there are a lot of questions.

Area businesses looking for a copier will want a reliable Xerox Wisconsin dealer. As you consider a vendor, you may have another big question: lease or buy the copier? We've explained the benefits of each side below, so you can get all the information and make an informed decision.

Lease or Buy?

It's a big question. Really, there's no wrong answer overall, but you need to make the decision that suits your business. Here are some detailed breakouts of what leasing or buying might look like.


Lease agreements today are much easier to negotiate than in the past, and they can be very competitive. Small businesses need a few features like manageable monthly payments, ability to upgrade, and reliable service contracts.

Leasing would make more sense if your business might grow slowly, you don't have the capital on hand for a large purchase, or you may need an upgrade sooner than later.


Purchasing a Xerox copier or laser printer is a stable choice, and can ensure that you have what you need for the long run.

Buying is a good decision if you know what you want, your business is relatively stable in growth, and you don't foresee needing upgrades soon.

Invest in Xerox, Wisconsin's Best Machine

Time to decide! Don't stress, the professionals at Corporate Business Systems can help sort out if leasing or buying is best for you. Contact the team today to make a move.

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