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Security Measures to Elevate your Managed Print Services

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When it comes to managing your print fleet, it helps to have a professional services provider by your side. As the leader in Wisconsin managed print services (MPS), our experts can ensure you get the best results from your multifunction printers, copiers, and all of your networked devices.

And, we can help ensure the integrity and security of all your print devices. One area of print security that is often overlooked is employee print practices. Sadly, people can abuse their privileges, leading to security concerns and high costs.

Stepped Up Security

Security measures are a critical element of Wisconsin managed print services. You must also balance security with productivity so that your employees do not feel hindered.

Here are some best practices to help manage access to your printer without reducing efficiency.

PIN Code

PINs are a common part of life for use with debit or credit cards, so why not extend this everyday practice to your printers? A PIN, or Personal Identification Number, is usually four to six digits and is used to secure access to an account.

PIN management system for your printer works similarly, with employees entering their code whenever they want to print or copy a document. This helps cut back on unnecessary print and enables you to track print behavior. This is a simple solution for many Madison businesses.

Icon Login

As we continue to become a more visual society, picture or icon logins also gain popularity. This type of login requires the user to select an icon and a password that represent themselves and their account on the printer or MFP.

Whenever they need to print something, they will choose their icon on the touchscreen and enter their password, unlocking their print account. Users can then print, copy, scan, or more while the administration can track their usage and minimize waste.

A more basic version of this is a simple user name and password, such as is required for computing devices. The visual component takes this premise to the next level, as does the PIN method.

With some straightforward administrative add-ons, you can take the security of your Wisconsin managed print services to the next level. These measures not only help protect your data but also save you money and support your annual print audit.

Contact us to learn more about Wisconsin managed print services for your business.

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