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Scan to Email is the New Faxing

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We need to focus on a major shift in business: the end of faxing. Yes, true, we may need it for some specific business needs, but the reality is that faxing is done.

Why? Because everything needs to be electronic. Even if you have a hard copy document, someone else will need to make it digital, so it's easier just to start the process. With a document in email, you can edit, change, and communicate electronically, as everyone does anyway. It's a much better way not to interrupt your workflow and keep your digital office online.

Xerox Steps Up

Your Xerox machine can scan to email (and it can probably fax too, but this is a chance to change the habit!). Don't get stuck just thinking of your printer or copier as a one function machine. Odds are, it's a multifunction machine designed to scan, print, copy, and email.

How Scan to Email is a Game Changer

Scan to email is so fast and simple that the time, cost, and paper savings alone makes it worth the switch.

Simply bring the document to the printer, hit 'scan to email,' and either type in the email address, or select the pre-listed email of the person it needs to go to. The printer scans the paper, and it's done. Sent! Done!

It's faster than faxing, that's for sure. Scan to email is the best new way to get everything you need online, so it's probably time to get on board with the service today.

Xerox Wisconsin For the Win

Contact your local Xerox Wisconsin dealer, Corporate Business Systems, who can help update your machine for scan to email and start you off on the right foot with the features you need. Time to get on board – call or email today!

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