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Safeguard your Madison Wisconsin Multifunction Copier

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Protecting your business is not just about securing your network. You must also safeguard all of the devices on that network.

A vulnerable Madison multifunction copier equals a vulnerable Madison Wisconsin local business. Follow these tips — many used by government agencies — to ensure that your company and your private data are covered.

Know Your Stuff

It is essential to know how much you print every month, including where those jobs are generated from and what device is producing them. Knowing your print-related data will help protect you and save you money.

Madison multifunction copier might be the best device in your office. But if you have multiple additional copiers and printers being used by various employees, chances are things are slipping through the cracks. Get a handle on your data with a print audit.

Security and Protection

The security of your Madison multifunction copier or printer is imperative. Networked device security is trending for a reason – hackers are always finding back doors in to compromise your business.

When you consider IT security, you must include all network-connected print devices, including desktop printers, MFPs, WFPs, copiers, and scanners. Scanners are the latest device to fall victim to data-stealing and phishing scams.

Assess and Streamline

A print audit is one of the best first steps to take when you are ready to secure your devices. Not only will it help you get a handle on how much you print, but it will also assist in locating and assessing all of your devices. Large offices often have several (unnecessary) desktop printers, and unclaimed printouts left unsecured on printers and copiers. These might seem like small infractions, but they can lead to big disasters. For security reasons, never have more printers than truly necessary; streamline your fleet.

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