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Protecting Your Xerox from Threats and Scams


Networked printers and multifunction devices need to be protected, just like any other networked technology. But, threats to your business don't just come virtually. There are all types of scams aimed at bettering small companies that own copiers and printers. As the Xerox Madison, Wisconsin leader, we are here to help you protect your devices and your business.

Unusual and Unexpected

We spend a lot of time worrying about cyber threats. And, since they are a huge concern, we should. But Xerox Madison Wisconsin business leaders must remain vigilant to all threats, such as toner scams. It might sound innocuous, but it can cost your small to medium business thousands of dollars and compromise the security of your systems.

Toner Scam Threats

Toner pirate scams involve someone calling to sell you toner and gathering your copier or printer info. They attempt to sell you toner, but you receive a convincing, but fraudulent invoice for low-grade, overpriced toner. While this might not seem like a huge threat, any scam that can cost you thousands of dollars should be a concern. Because they are not "high-profile," it's easy for them to remain under the radar for a while.

How to Spot a Scam

Want to protect your Xerox copiers for your Wisconsin business? Be on the lookout for these types of toner cons:

  • Info Gathering Call This is often the initial mark — trying to get info about your copier, vendor details, and who manages your toner and supplies. They will ask questions that make them appear legitimate. Be very cautious about giving information about over the phone.
  • Pressure Call When they start to get pushy, it should raise a red flag. They might claim to be from Xerox Wisconsin or even from Corporate Business Systems. We will NEVER call and pressure you for information or to order toner, so don't fall for this trick.
  • The Deceitful Invoice Whether or not you order toner from them, you will probably receive a fraudulent invoice for toner. They typically contain late notice language or past due threats. You are not required to pay if you did not order anything or if you feel it is a scam. Never assume it is real if something feels "off."

Contact the Xerox Wisconsin leader with any questions about toner scams and protecting your devices

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