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Laser Printers, Copiers and the Environment: How to Minimize Your Impact

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We know that businesses in Madison care about the environment. And, sometimes it can be difficult to reconcile your business technology needs with your environmental concerns. The good news is that modern multifunction printers are not only more energy-efficient than previous generations of devices, but they also boast many features to improve your productivity.

Being Environmentally Aware

Before you take steps to upgrade to a new multifunction printer, take a moment to think about all of the ways you can help the environment. Even small things like turning off lights when not in use or switching to sensor lights and recycling as much as possible can make a difference. While we often look at the picture, it is also important to factor in the small steps that your business and your employees can take to pitch in.

Upgrading for Efficiency

In addition to the environmental impacts, old and outdated multifunction printers cost more to operate — wasting money and time. While your main intention might be to increase efficacy and reduce your energy usage, you will also benefit from cost savings when you upgrade to a more resourceful device.

Regardless of the specific MFP you have, here are some eco-tips to help you:

  • Look for Energy Star rated devices. This designation really does make a difference. In fact, Energy Star certified devices use between 30 and 75 percent less energy than non-certified items.

If you do have an Energy Star rated multifunction printer, but sure to register it and look for rebate options. Depending on the specific, you might be eligible for a rebate. And tell your employees, since this can apply to TVs, computers, refrigerators, and more!

  • Get an energy audit to understand your impact. An energy audit will allow you to see your energy consumption — by department and device — and identify areas of improvement. Need help with this? Contact us for an audit.

  • When it is time to upgrade, be sure to get the right multifunction printer for your needs. While that might seem obvious, a lot of money energy is wasted when a printer or copier is not the right fit. Bigger is not always better — the larger the printer, the more it requires to operate. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, opt for a tailored down device, just make sure it can handle the workload since over-capacity use is no good either.

Remember, if you are a Madison business or anywhere in Wisconsin looking to lessen your environmental impact, there is a lot you can do. Start with an energy audit, make sure your multifunction printer is energy efficient, and develop a plan for overall improvements.

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