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Maximizing Your Multifunction Copier

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You probably think you know everything about the multifunction copier in your Madison office. After all, it can scan, copy, print, and fax, what more could you need?

The truth is that there are several underused features on multifunction copiers that even the savviest business person might not be aware of.

Here are a few you might be missing out on:

  1. Advance Print Options

    If you are only using your MFP to print documents, you are missing out on some advanced options. Many multifunction copiers offer automatic features like double-side print, collation, stapling, hole punching, and more. Depending on your print needs, you might get a model that can make folds, such as creases and tri-fold for brochures and marketing materials.

  2. Scanning Optimization

    While you know that your multifunction copier can scan, you might not be taking advantage of all its scanning capabilities. Scanning is actually one of the most underused features, which is a shame since it can do so much. With optical character recognition, you can convert scanned text into a searchable text document quickly and easily. OCR enables you to transform just about any item you scan into a searchable document that you can save on your network — particularly helpful for receipts and other items that you need to recall at a later time.

  3. Fax to the Max

    While faxing might not have the cachet it once did, it is not completely obsolete. With a multifunction copier, you can still fax if needed. Plus, many devices can fax to an email. In some industries, such as heavy machinery and manufacturing, faxing is still a preferred communication method as it is a simple way to reach a machine shop or garage that lacks unlimited computer or email access.

Make sure you are getting the most benefit out of your Madison multifunction copier. If you have questions or need help, feel free to contact us.

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