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Making the Most of the HP PageWide and HP A3 Printers

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Ever since the HP PageWide burst onto the scene, it has been getting a lot of press. We have discussed it on this blog several times, highlighting its impressive features and security options. Here we look at why the HP PageWide and HP A3 multifunction printer are top options for a wide range of businesses.

Overcoming Obstacles

When it comes to printing jobs in-house, cost, speed efficiency, and quality can present barriers and setbacks to getting the best possible products. Don’t let these hold you back, look to the new generation of business-class laser printers like the HP PageWide and HP A3 to deliver the goods. These new printers offer high-quality print at affordable prices. In fact, the HP PageWide relies on innovative technology to deliver more than 6,000 pages per month.

Unlike previous generations of laser printers that used moving printheads, the PageWide relies on a stationary print head that runs the entire width of the paper. This allows it to print fast — up to 75 pages per minute — without sacrificing quality or wasting time.

Bigger Means Better

In this case, bigger is better. The large print head and integrated ink delivery system maximize output in just one pass. Since the ink storage is separate from the printhead, the device has greater ink storage capacity, resulting in fewer cartridge changes. Plus, a secondary ink tank enables the printer to produce an additional 500 page after the original cartridge runs out. Its scalable print technology (SPT) ensures that ink drops apply uniformly in speed, direction, and volume.

With all of these innovations in an affordable business-centric device, you can eliminate the need to outsource large print jobs, saving you time and money.

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