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Madison Multifunction Copier Considerations for Healthcare


Healthcare practices and institutions have the critically important responsibility of protecting personal health information and ensuring that patient data is protected.

HIPAA violations are costly from an organizational and personal standpoint and taking precautions that ensure physical security and network security are critical.

Healthcare Output Concerns

One issue is output – where there are physical forms, files, and resources that are targets of data theft. Also, how the data is transferred before it is a hardcopy – as in, when data is sent from a device to the printer, it must be appropriately secured.

Some businesses overlook security as a major aspect of a Madison multifunction copier but ignoring the essential role of copier and print security can have severe consequences for your practice.

Print Security and HIPAA

Print security interfaces with HIPAA requirements in a few ways to protect against data breaches.

From password-protected print to data encryption, hard drive encryption to an audit log for HIPAA compliance, integrating technical security solutions can ensure that your healthcare institution stays HIPAA compliant and protects patient data.

Print security has a big impact on overall cybersecurity, which can impact compliance and organizational sustainability. Healthcare practices know that protecting data is not only critical to a business, but it's also the law. Invest in security so that your business is safe from any cybersecurity threat.

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