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It's Time to Reduce Print Waste


Although so much of business – namely, communications – has shifted to be digital, printing is still a big part of operations and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Getting rid of printing is something we thought would happen by 2019. However, the reality is that businesses still need hard copies of things to properly communicate and absorb information, and make sure that all resources get to the right people.

The thing that can be addressed in 2019 is print waste. Over 40% of all pages printed are wasted. They end up in the trash or the recycling bin. No more! Get ahead of this printing issue to be “green” and to save cash.

What’s the best way to save? Wisconsin managed print services – this is a service that will evaluate your current issues through a print audit and then help managed supplies, repair, and other print issues to help you be more efficient and cut back where necessary.

Streamline Processes

Processes are the first thing to review with a print audit. Are the departments that should be printing using the resource wisely? Is there an issue with overprinting? Do some people print personal papers, or do departments that shouldn’t print, use the resource too much? These are all questions that the print audit will help answer.

Supplies, Systems, and Services

Then, managed print services will evaluate what outsourced assistance will cut budgets appropriately, provide more efficiencies, and find increased productivity with your staff.

Start with Wisconsin Managed Print

Wisconsin managed print services can save your business from spending too much and sinking way too much money into print. Get ahead of print issues, and don’t let it become a significant line item in your budget. Talk to the pros at Corporate Business Systems today.

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