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Integrate Your Devices with Software


Does your multifunction printer integrate with your software solutions? If not, it may be worth taking a look at today's Xerox machines that collaborate easily across a connected network with systems like Quickbooks and Salesforce.

Using Xerox ConnectKey, it's possible to install applications that coordinate between some of the most used business software, enabling your entire company to operate seamlessly from digital media to your output devices.

Xerox Wisconsin and Software Collaboration

Why is it helpful to have your software programs connected to your printer? Because then printing largescale sales or accounting reports is simpler, and doesn't involve as much tweaking of printer options or page layout to ensure that the product will look the way you need it to. The applications operate hand-in-hand with your software to intuitively understand the program and the output selections needed.

You Have Options

From customer relationship management to financials, your data is the most important when it impacts these two departments. That's why establishing a solid process of information delivery across your network is key.

Also, don't overlook security. The teams at Corporate Business Systems keep security as such a high priority that you might be surprised at how big it is to them - which security should be to everyone but is sometimes overlooked.

Let's Talk

Corporate Business Systems has been integrating advanced technology between devices, updated machines, and project management/collaboration software for years.

It's important to set up your office for success so that your teams don't even remember how it used to be before productivity was your highest priority. Ready to start? Contact us today.

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