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How to Understand Print Security


Business and data security are high priorities for any company, and that’s especially true when using any Xerox Wisconsin product.

Printers have a big security component for offices and departments, and ensuring that your organization is protected from a print standpoint is critical.

If understanding print security is a little challenging, here are the basics: printers use memory functions that contain data, even after your job prints. Often, this data is stored online or in a hard drive that can be a high-risk location for data breaches if not maintained and appropriately addressed.

Essential Security Tips for Any Business

Security tips for businesses fall in line with the consideration of memory and data. While the data should be removed from printers and hard drives, it’s possible that it can be recovered with sophisticated – but not rare – hacking tools. For businesses, the top action points are to encrypt all data, override images, and set up a project override as well.

Every Industry Needs Print Security

Print security applies to any industry that uses print, which is most businesses. If you think about the protection you have on your online presence, your business data, your physical office, and more, it makes sense that you’d want to ensure your print environment is also secured. Your business is protected from risks in your print fleet.

Print Security Explained

Print security is an essential aspect of your risk management plan and business operations. Don’t skimp on what matters most – ensure your data/business protection checks all the boxes. Curious about it? Get in touch today.

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