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Four Questions to Ask When Selecting a Printer or Multifunction Device

Xerox Wisconsin

Whether your printer broke down for the last time or continues to break down repeatedly, or maybe your office just needs a higher capacity device, there are some important aspects of selecting your upgrade to consider.

Be sure to understand what you need before going in to purchase. These questions can evaluate your current situation and set you up for a good investment as you upgrade.

Four Key Questions to Ask Yourself

What Features Do I Need? What are Critical Security Features?

Features may range from productivity to quality, color to function. Take a look around at your office to see what you have - and what you use or need.

Security features include proper authentication from a password or ID badge. Options include analyzing documents for security and scans that may not leave the machine without authorization. Other helpful features include auditing capabilities and security alerts.

How Much are We Willing to Spend?

Budgeting can be tricky because often spending a little more upfront can save money later. Evaluated spending based on use - if you only need a small, simple laser printer, that is a solution. But if you need to scan, copy, and fax? Go with a Xerox multifunction device.

How Much Space is Available?

If you only have room for one machine and you need more than printing, the answer is a multifunction device. Investing in an MFP can be a space-saving solution.

What Kind of Technology Do We Support?

Do employees print from mobile devices or from off-site? These are critical considerations for flexible workplaces when selecting your office equipment.

Xerox Solutions for Exactly What You Need

When you decide on which product is right for you, time to move forward and invest in your Xerox machine.

Corporate Business Systems is the go-to Xerox Wisconsin dealer that will set you up with the right machine. Get in touch today and finally fix those office equipment issues.

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