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Education Efficiency With a Xerox Multifunction Printer


 When a school has a Xerox multifunction printer from an authorized Xerox Wisconsin dealer, a whole new level of efficiency becomes possible. And in a school, efficiency brings better order to every aspect of the educational experience. 

Fewer Trips

When you have a multifunction printer in the school, there are fewer trips to be made to work office machines. Documents can be printed out and faxed all from the same machine. You can print, make copies, and collate papers all at one device. This saves an enormous amount of time over the course of a day, as teachers don't have to go from room to room and machine to machine to get ordinary tasks done. This better model of efficiency helps get teachers prepared for the day and minimizing the time they have to be out of the classroom.

Clerical Jobs

Many of the tasks that teachers have to perform are simply administrative tasks. With a multifunction printer from a Xerox Wisconsin dealer, this is made much faster and easier. Multifunction printers perform many of the tasks that teachers once had to do by hand. If they need documents bound, the printer can do that. If they need papers stapled as they are printed, the printer handles it all. This gives teachers more time to teach and keeps them from having to handle long clerical tasks during classroom time for a more efficient educational experience. 

Learning One Machine

Having a lot of office machines can help to make tasks easier, but it can be a terrible drag on resources when each teacher needs to be able to work every single machine. The IT staff alone may be taken up by calls to help teachers use specific machines. With a multifunction Xerox printer, it's just one machine that they have to learn. This allows for better time spent in the classroom and out of the machine rooms trying to work scanners, binders, fax machines, and more. 

If your school could use a multifunction printer, call us today to find out about the latest machines on the market and how they can make your school more efficient.

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