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8 Reasons to Update Old Office Equipment

Office Equipment

It's on your mind - time for an upgrade for your copier to a multifunction copier. Many people wait too long to buy new equipment and end up costing their business more in wasted resources on old machines. Make a move today!

Why Update?

1. Costly Repairs

When repairs are repetitive and expensive, or parts aren't even easily available, it's time to move on.

2. Functionality

Increased functionality of a new machine is a given. You'll see the speedy output, new options, streamlined one-touch selections, and more.

3. Save Space

If you have an old machine that was just a copier, imagine how much space will be available when you invest in a multifunction copier.

4. Audit Capabilities

Track usage, spending, printing, resource consumption, and other key data points to see exactly where your office equipment and supply budget is going.

5. Cloud Storage

Get documents out of old storage cabinets and invest in the cloud - printers, and copiers can scan, email, and print to and from cloud storage.

6. Wireless Connectivity and Remote Operations

Remote printing from your mobile phone? Wireless printers and copiers? Yes and yes! These features are part of your new device, making working on the go easier than ever before.

7. New Security Features

Password protection and ID badge authorization to name a few. If you're one of the people that thinks printer security isn't important, remember that 60% of businesses have experienced a printer-related hack at some point.

8. Spend Less Time at the Copier

With better functionality, faster return time, and mobile printing, you won't be waiting around cursing the copier anymore. You'll be back at your desk, developing the next project. It's a win for everyone.

You Need a New Multifunction Copier

It's probably evident by now that it's time to update if any of these tips ring a bell. Time to investigate options, do your research, and get a solid understanding of what your office and employees need. Then, you're on to the final step: purchasing a machine through a knowledgeable partner.

At Corporate Business Systems, we have a selection of new products for you to browse and friendly consultants to review your needs and priorities. Don't go it alone when updating office equipment - get in touch with Corporate Business Systems for help.

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