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7 Tips for Finding the Best Xerox Wisconsin Vendor

Xerox Madison

When you purchase your new Xerox copiers, hopefully you bought from a reliable local dealer. If you're in the market, we have some tips to make the process easier and ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Before You Buy:

Here are some topics to research about a vendor before making them your office equipment partner.

Positively Reviewed Online

Online reviews matter. Sure, there might be a crazy or two that had a bad experience and dragged on about it, but you can get the idea for how a company treats customers by reading the online reviews and seeing the trends.

Maintenance Contracts and Warranties

Ask the hard questions - what kind of warranty comes with the machine, and how is the maintenance contract drawn up? It's better to know now than when you need it immediately.

Financing Options

Are you looking to buy or lease? Need financing or not? See what is available so you can make the best decision.

Free Training for your Employees

No one magically knows how to use a new, updated copier. Even those that catch on quickly will probably overlook advanced features. To get the most for your money, take advantage of training opportunities so you can leverage each element on your new device.

Support Infrastructure

Similar to maintenance, you don't want to be surprised by support and service regulations when your machine breaks down. Do they have local support? Is it available at all times? Confirm with them in writing that you'll have what you need.

Installation Process and Connectivity

Some vendors send you a copy machine with a page of instructions and wish you the best. That almost never works out. While researching, ask who's on staff to install the device and connect it to your office network. Cover all your bases before buying.

Positive Company Interactions

You want to have a good experience every time you call, no matter if you're calling for a service request, a problem, or a new product.

Find the Xerox Wisconsin vendor that is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, and get in touch today.

Xerox Madison

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