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5 Ways Your Madison Multifunction Copier Secures Your Business

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Take a look around your office - printers, copiers, and other devices are much different than they used to be. Imaging technology has advanced over recent years, creating new applications that improve operations and productivity.

In addition to better workflows, today's office devices also have a larger impact on security. Why? Because your Madison multifunction copier can be accessed wirelessly through your office network, making printers vulnerable to hacks and other cyber attacks.

Multifunction Copiers and Security

Knowing that multifunction devices are at a security risk, how can you protect your company, client data, and employee information?

Here are tips that will secure your print environment:

1. Password Protection

Change default passwords and use all password protection features. It's not that inconvenient to enter a simple password every time you print something, and it can be the difference between a secure office and a breach.

2. Data Encryption

Encrypting the data that flows from computers to printers or copiers is a critical step in office security, since that information can be rerouted to another source if not protected.

3. Badge Printing

Using a badge for access and approval, in addition to passwords, adds another functional layer of protection that is worth using for your office.

4. Consolidated Functions

Put all work functions into your multifunction copier, so there aren't multiple, unsecured desktop devices around your office. With all functions in one, security steps are much more effective.

5. Regular Resets

Whether you scramble data, purge data, or wipe a hard drive, don't forget your printer in your regular security and data resets.

Device Security Matters

Set your office up for success with a Madison multifunction copier that secures your business practices. Finding this last point of protection makes it much less likely that your business will be faced with a major threat. Time to invest in security – call or email Corporate Business Systems.

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