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5 Reasons to Upgrade to Multifunction

Multifunction Copier

Multifunction copiers are often central to offices. These devices do it all: printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. In addition, they make smart solutions like going paperless easier and more impactful. If you haven't made the move to multifunction, here are five key reasons you should.

1. Harness All-In-One Capability

This feature is fairly obvious, but it should not be overlooked. Having the ability to do handle any of your document needs in one place is an invaluable tool. Multifunction copiers streamline workflows and offer numerous options to finish your documents, or turn them into editable digital documents.

2. Save Space

Obviously reducing the number of machines in your office will open up space, but this might mean even more than you think. In cramped offices, freeing up even one corner can make your space feel more open. And, if you use your multifunction copier to scan your paper files, you're on your way to eliminating bulky filing cabinets, too.

3. Save Time

As we mentioned above, the multifunction capability allows for more streamlined workflows. Today's multifunction copiers also prioritize and fix jobs in the queue when there are any issues. Many multifunction copiers have advanced security features, such as using a key code or badge to release prints or produce copies, so there are fewer traffic jams. These devices also help reduce downtime thanks to advanced technologies.

4. Save Money

All of these features add up to cost savings. Save on energy. Save on technical support. Save on supplies. Time savings, too, adds up to cost savings. Most offices see a good return on investment when they find the right device for their office.

5. Go Green

Multifunction copiers are kinder to the environment. The savings mentioned above do more than make for a more attractive bottom line: they also create a greener workplace.

Ready to make the switch? Corporate Business Systems can help you find the right device, and help you take your benefits further with options like document management. Contact us today to learn more!

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