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5 Print Security Concerns Every Business Should Recognize

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Printers are a hot spot for security risks and data breaches, but many organizations overlook possible issues. Stay on top of print security with awareness of some critical habits and regulations in your office.

Things to Keep an Eye Out For

1. Documents Left on the Printer

The habit of leaving extra handouts or other resources on the printer can also include confidential papers or information. Ensure that employees know the risks, and nip this problem early.

2. Use of Unauthorized Document Apps

Scanning documents to apps that don't follow company security regulations is a serious issue. Communicate exactly which apps are approved and which aren't, and disconnect scanning to unauthorized apps, if possible.

3. Open Access to Printers and Scanners

If just anyone can print just anything without any accountability, that can be a big problem. Tracking and private, secure access are critical components of a secure office system.

4. No Print Audits

Audits of printing show who prints how much, where, and when. While this isn't information that is followed closely, it can help identify threats or leaks. Local Wisconsin managed print services can help to manage issues while keeping functionality high.

5. Backlog of Data on Printer Hard Drives

Data and documents that don't get deleted from the hard drive are an open door for hackers. Ensure that you clear your hard drive regularly.

Protect Your Employees and Clients

Document security is a big issue in today's workplace. Prioritize protecting your business, and convey this high level of customer service to your clients by establishing security solutions. Corporate Business Systems can help set up your office with Wisconsin managed print services - contact us today!

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