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4 Solutions to Printing Costs Courtesy of Xerox

Xerox Wisconsin

Your printer might be sending business costs through the roof, and you may not realize it. Take a minute to evaluate the cost efficiency of your printer and see if it may be time to make a switch to a more productive machine to save money.

1. Audit Printing

Evaluate which departments print, and at what volumes and resolution. Is marketing consistently printing too many flyers? Does someone in leadership print every email? Is HR still printing applications? Crackdown on these misuses of printing resources fast.

2. Centralize Supplies and Service

There's no better way to deal with supply reorders and service requests than to have one person be a primary contact. This person should know the right numbers and companies to streamline the process.

3. Reduce Unnecessary Printing

Employees may print personal items at work, which is okay if it's a page or two, but a huge waste if it's a consistent process. Check that everyone knows the rules and follows them.

4. Invest in a High-Quality Printer for Productivity

Many printing issues are due to the machine itself. Too many repairs, outdated supplies, and slow production are all problems that you can bypass by researching and purchasing a top-notch printer.

What Can a Xerox Do for You?

Do you know the productivity level of your printer? Is it producing at a high rate or does it cost you more time to wait for a project? A Xerox machine is a high quality, time-tested brand that stands behind what they produce.

For example, Xerox Monochrome laser printers produce:

  • Under 40 pages per minute
  • 40+ pages per minute

Time for Answers

Get the best printing solutions by selecting the Xerox Wisconsin dealer that's best for you. Call Corporate Business Systems to find answers to any printing problems.

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