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4 Key Things to Know about Managed Print Services

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Understanding the pros and cons of managed print services is part of either updating to a new service or your initial investment in managed print.

You’ll want to evaluate a few things, whether you are making a change or just starting with the service, to make sure you’ve found the best match for your company.

Set Teams up for Success

Managed print is a favorite way to set your teams up for operations success.

Why? Because you take away the tedious, time-consuming tasks that were taking over their day like troubleshooting the printer or waiting for a printer repair and let them work on larger, strategic projects that will grow the business.

A few things to know about managed print services:

1. The print audit covers it all

This is a make it or break it moment – if the provider you are working with doesn’t offer a print audit or didn’t do one, move on. The print audit creates the baseline data so you know what you’re working with and where you can save money and time.

2. You’ll save tons of money

Managed print saves more money than many businesses think. The service will increase sustainability, reduce waste, improve productivity, and increase efficiency. These are all cost-cutting measures as well, which means most businesses save almost 30% on print.

3. Ops teams love it

Like the above features make clear, managed print takes one annoyance away from operations and outsources it, so your teams stay focused. Do ops love managed print services? You bet.

4. Fix print issues

Don’t let print issues linger. Get them fixed by having a solid repair team behind you.

Get Ahead with Wisconsin Managed Print Services

Each aspect of managed print listed above provides a way for you to pull away from competition, stand out, and build your business. Are you onboard? Let’s talk.

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