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3 Considerations for a HIPAA Compliant Madison Multifunction Copier


In Health care practices, following regulations for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to adhere to patient privacy is a critical aspect of everyday work. As security risks have grown around personal information, ensuring that your office machines, networks, and devices are all HIPAA compliant has become more of an urgent issue.

HIPPAA is a US law that regulates privacy and security to protect your sensitive medical information. The law has always been an essential part of health care, but with data breaches and ransomware or malware attacks, it's even more important to ensure all gaps in security are filled.

Multifunction Copier to the Rescue for Healthcare

This is where your most often used and essential piece of office equipment comes in. Don't let your practice get hacked because you overlooked critical areas of security. HIPAA compliance refers to your entire office.

A solid selection for a Madison multifunction copier can overcome most of these concerns. When looking for a compliant machine, here are a few essential benefits that you'll want to ask about.

1. Printer Security

This may seem obvious, but it means a lot of different things to people. Ensure that when you ask for printer security, you are getting what you want - user authentication, protected printing, confidential printer output measures. This can look like a badge swipe in or password access, structural components for privacy, and monitored print origins. Be specific with critical security.

2. Data Encryption

Don't let data freely fly from device to printer. With data encryption, intercepted information isn't going anywhere.

3. Cloud Storage

The safest type of storage, no doubt. Cloud storage can require special logins or access and can't be physically stolen or damaged with the right protections. Make sure your printer uses protected cloud storage.

HIPAA Security on Your Machine

Get your mfp up to date and ahead of any concerns or questions about HIPAA compliance. You can't afford to ignore security changes and updates. Start now - contact Corporate Business Systems for your Madison multifunction copier.

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